bits and pieces

Okay, things I’ve been meaning to tell you, whether you’re interested or not…

I saw this video over at Michelle de Seattle. I can’t really put my finger on why, but I keep coming back to it, it’s… oddly compelling. I suspect it’s because the toasters have bat wings, rather than bird or bug wings – Kelly will understand. WordPress won’t let me put it on this page, I haven’t been able to figure out why, but you can go over here and watch it, or check it out at Michelle’s.

Speaking of WordPress, I’m on the verge of downloading the software and hosting my own blog, so look for a url-change in the near future. I know, I just moved here three months ago, and I’m sorry for dragging you around, but this’ll be the last move. Thanks for your patience.

I had coffee with a neighbor! Despite my tragic small-talk impairment, she invited me over and I went and managed not to embarrass myself totally! I’m so proud. And now, flushed with success, I’m about to do another social thing – an assistant in DrBob’s department is making dinner for all the people who helped her with her thesis, and so I get to practice making small-talk with a passel of academics and their wives. I’m vaguely wondering whether the conversation will be in Spanish or German, and which would be worse. My Spanish is really, really rusty, but my German is about half-Bavarian. But still! I talked to my neighbor for fifteen whole minutes! I can manage two hours!

One thing I learned from Christine is that there’s a local farmer who sells organic milk and delivers it twice a week! I said Ooo! Sign me up! So that’ll start Monday, and I’m not just pleased, I’m like, happy-dance excited. Organic milk in environmentally sensible packaging, yay! At the store you have to choose: chemical-milk in the re-usable bottles, or organic milk in the wax-coated non-recyclable cardboard boxes. Hello? What about knowing your market? You can also buy unpackaged pesticide-kiwis flown in from Chile, OR, you can buy locally-grown organic kiwis, packed in styrofoam. Am I the only person who thinks that’s stupid?

What else? Ooo, we have a cleaning lady! Egad, how bourgeois is that? I feel evil. But she’s so nice! And it’s so wonderful to come home every second friday to a clean house! Yeah, every two weeks – the other weeks we do it ourselves, so that the boys don’t forget how to clean a toilet. Mostly Marina vacuums, and mops the bathrooms and kitchen. It’s such a huge relief, because vacuuming a 140-square-meter house that’s mostly stairs is… um, daunting. Not really that difficult, but it takes time and effort, so I tend to put it off until I feel like I have three hours to put into it, and I never feel like that. I mean, eventually it gets done, but not until I’ve spent a lot of time being stressed out about it. So it’s totally worth €30 twice a month just to be able to cut the stress in half.

But the laundry’s still my job, so I better go do that. Knitting post coming soon, I promise!

Okay so the song du jour of the day is the one from that video: Les Choses, by Jean-Jacques Goldman.


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