crazybad weather

Wow, this is weird. We’re having this right now, but it doesn’t feel like it. Apparently the storm is huge: it already killed 8 people when it passed over Britain, another 8 (so far) in continental Yurp, DrBob says half of Sylt is underwater (Sylt is an island off the North Coast), and much chaos is predicted nationwide. School’s been cancelled for tomorrow – I sincerely hope the storm will be over by then, but I imagine they’re expecting a lot of disruption from trees fallen across roads and the like. But it’s weird, because I can see the trees rocking, and hear the wind roaring, but when I step out on the porch it feels like a gentle spring evening. A tad breezy, a few spatters of rain, nothing else. I’m sure if I got someplace less sheltered it’d be a different story, but this is crazy. All this horrible news just doesn’t jibe with what I’m seeing and hearing.

Song du jour of the day? What else could it be but Stormy Weather?

Edit: Oh, God, the death toll climbs every time I click on the link to that BBC story.

Note to news outlets: nobody gives a rat’s ass about how the storm has inconvenienced Condoleezza Rice, okay? Can you just shut up about her?

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