Well, that’s done. I was, as always, worried that my material wouldn’t cover a whole hour and we’d be left staring at eachother for the last 20 minutes. (DrBob’s advice? “Do the staring for the first 20 minutes instead.” Gee thanks.) But in fact we bogged down in the reading and didn’t make it to the conversation part until the class was nearly over, which means I didn’t meet my teaching objective for this class. Oops.

However. I do have some helpful feedback, so I know to cut back on the reading and exercises (but not to cut them completely out, because you need to change gears to keep their attention for a whole hour) and spend more time making them talk. We also agreed to switch to Thursdays, and half an hour earlier, that’s good.

And I saw Marianne, who heads up the organization that owns the premises, and we discussed advertising for more students (right now I have three). Pro: I don’t have to cancel class if one student can’t make it. Con: I’ll probably have to teach a lot more often, which means I’d better sharpen those lesson-planning skills. And we also discussed the cheerful coincidence that her organization needs a website, and I make websites, and agreed to explore that situation further.

So some slight progress was made today. This is good.

Now: what the hell am I going to do for this Mixmania?

Song du jour of the day: Bright Side of the Road, by Van Morrison.


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