is it always going to be this hard?


Ugh. Lesson plans. Tomorrow’s lesson is done, I just hope it fills up the whole hour. I had it ready for last week, and then class was cancelled. Since I was so ahead of myself, I thought I’d use this week to plan a few more lessons, to get the jump on the process, have something ready instead of having to spend every Wednesday scrambling to come up with something. But I’m stuck.

Not that I can’t do this – it’s not too hard to put together a lesson on the present simple vs. present progressive tense, I just seem to have some kind of mental block this week. I’ve been slogging through all the internet resources I can find, and it’s rough going. 99.9% of what’s out there is crap, the sites are mostly just unsorted information dumps (yes, I am looking at YOU, ITESL-J and Dave), and ugh. But I have to sort through it all sometime, figure out what might someday be useful, and this week was as good a time as any.

I guess, tomorrow, I will try again.

Song du jour of the day: Let’s Get It Started, by the Black-Eyed Peas. My Mixmania CDs (4 of them! wow!) arrived today, yay!


2 responses to “is it always going to be this hard?

  • Elemmaciltur

    Ahhhh…so it seems that after all I’m not the only one who leaves the lesson plans until the evening before the lesson. :-p

  • Melanie

    No, it is not always going to be this hard. After a while you will have a stockpile of useful material to re-use as is or make only minor changes to. Also after a while your thought process about the whole thing becomes more automatic and it will just flooooooow. At least that is what it is like in my job (consulting about the same main ideas, but adapting them to best suit each family/group home/school team). Not sure how long it will take me to get back in the groove when I go back to work though. Also not sure when I will go back to work at all……

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