Look what came in the mail today!

yarnmuppet.pngDo you remember the swatch I knit from the Wollmeise samples? I didn’t wind up using any of those colors for Arwen, but I really loved the yarn. And when I went back and looked at the site again, I realized I should have requested a sample of Rittersporn (that means delphinium, or possibly larkspur – or are those the same thing? Mom would know. Sigh.), and then I thought ooo, Frosch (frog) would be nice, and I realized that if I ordered more samples I’d have a hard time deciding. So I just asked her to send me one of each. And she did! And these are they! 36 test-skeins of yarn!

Yes, I feel a bit like Imelda Marcos, “oh just buy them all,” but at 50 cents each I probably won’t be driving my country to destitution.

Happy Dance, Happy Dance! Arwen may have to take a break, and Ignatz’s sweater will look just fine with only one sleeve, right?

Song du jour of the day: This is the Life, by Weird Al Yankovic.

3 responses to “Look what came in the mail today!

  • Elemmaciltur

    Hahaha, I’m on the same trip as you right now. I was looking at the site last night and I was thinking about getting the rest of the colourways test-hanks (I had bought 4 normal hanks already)…and I mean, it’s EUR 18 for all of them (well, 36, as I had already have 4 of them here). So, why not. :-)

  • Elemmaciltur

    Re: Your answer: I’m emailing Claudia the order right now….and this will probably be my very last SEX, since I’m doing the stash-along 2007…

  • vicki

    Okay- I have been all over this link for the past half hour on a day when I supposed to be helping to unpack a moving van. This is BEAUTIFUL fiber. I’m assuming you knit your swatch in the worsted weight? Alala- that would make a stunning sweater- and ,at least for Chicagojust the right weight.

    I switched it over to English but it still looks a bit complex to order samples. What do you suggest? I would love to order a full set of samples (I think about 45.00 US?). Do you think it’s best to go directly to the source or try to scrounge up a blogging friend who lives in Germany to facilitate the transaction? Keeping in mind that I have access to some mighty fine Chicago (and Florida) delicacies? I need a project to follow my sweater or I’ll be reduced to knitting chartreuse mohair shorts…

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