don’t they know how important this is?

This close to the Austrian border, we get a few of their TV stations, which is good: we can usually rely on them to show the games we tend to want to watch (except for the World Cup last year, but you know, if they ever host it (or even qualify, snark snark) we’ll watch it with them, because DrBob says their announcers aren’t nearly as stupid as the German ones). But this weekend? With the division playoffs happening, they’re showing snowy-stuff. Oh I don’t begrudge them their slalom, because DrBob watches that, but while you guys are watching the third-most important NFL games of the year, we will NOT be watching women snowboarding, which is what the Austrians will be showing.hawks1.png

Hello? Priorities?

<whine>I want to seeeeee!</whine> Okay, don’t give a booger for the Baltimore-Indianapolis thing, but I’d like to see the Pats trounce the Chargers, which they totally will. And the Saints, I love the Saints – I remember they used to be called the Aints in the 80s, they did so badly. SO glad to see them doing well, nobody deserves it more.

And… the Seahawks. Face the Bears. After losing to them (37-6! Waaah!) last October. All the SI-dudes say my Seahawks will go down in flames, but DrBob is betting €10 on them to win (he never bets big, so this isn’t really the faint praise thing). For me, because he doesn’t really care about the NFL, isn’t that sweet? But whatever happens, I want to be there – well, there in front of the TV, I know I’ll probably never see them play in “real” again. And I can’t! Because of the snowboarding women! Augh!

Song du jour of the day is Love Stinks, by the J. Geils Band.

Edit: song du jour of the day is now When the Saints Go Marching In. Hoo hoo!

One response to “don’t they know how important this is?

  • samirah

    i watched the patriots/chargers today. it was awful, i despise tom brady.
    the saints and the bears are giving me a problem. i want them both to win since my beloved giants are out of it.

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