my day

So I got up at seven and woke up one pokey child and one extremely grouchy one, and made breakfast and packed a lunch for the one who hates everything and made breakfast and gave some money to the one who is too tired in the morning to make my life hell, and then I sent one to school and took the other to school and then I came home and that was all the standing up I did today. Maybe 40 minutes.

Then I sat in the car for an hour on the drive to Munich. Then I sat in a 3-hour class on how to make a publications database with mysql and put it online with php and because I missed the last four classes (out of, what, ten altogether? good thing this isn’t graded) istabmixer.pngt was basically like having my brain stabmixered. Then I went to work and spent 3 hours opening my mail, yes I got three hours’ worth of mail in the last week (part of my job is requesting the table of contents from the publisher for any collection of history articles that looks interesting, which is pretty much all of them, so no, don’t be excited for me – it wasn’t happy mail. Not that it was sad mail. It was just regular work-mail. Gad, am I still talking about this?), and then two hours processing titles for the database and then I met DrBob at an “Asian” restaurant (Europeans think Asia is just one big country – much the way Americans think of Africa – which is why they do things like ask for sushi at a Thai restaurant) and sat there for an hour waiting for him to finish his beer, and then I sat in the car for the 1-hour ride home and then I had one million blogs to check which took about two hours (sitting), and then I felt guilty about not writing in my own blog, so here I am. Still sitting.

My butt hurts.

Song du jour of the day: Arctic Monkeys, Mardy Bum. Why the hell not?

3 responses to “my day

  • Elemmaciltur

    Well, you did managed to write in your own blog after all! ;-)

  • Melanie

    Do you have a “butt-ache”?
    Once you said “I have a headache” to son #1 and he danced around singing “we had eggs”, but you hadn’t. And that is one of my favourite kid stories and I think of you and your fab family every time I have eggs. Well, maybe not every time.
    Are comments supposed to relate to the post?

  • vicki

    After the morning when the children got all blurred together, It all sort of runs together in one big sit and wait. Funny.

    Alala- you wer foremost on my mind when I put up a link tonight- it won’t make your butt feel better but you will surely laugh.

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