Once again, thank you Patriside for organizing this! You are awesome, even though we’re no longer allowed to use that word, as it has been banned by the self-appointed arbiters of an un-arbitable language at Lake Superior State University, an institution so important that I’ve never heard of it, and I actually have a husband in academia.

But I digress.

Making this mix was really really fun, and I sent copies out to a few people other than my mixmania match – you know who you are. But a CD I ordered for one of the songs didn’t arrive until I’d mailed two of them out, and some blank CDs seemed to have more space than others, so, um, your mileage may vary. I hope that whichever song got left off of your particular copy didn’t happen to be your favorite.

So. Here we go…

Get the Party Started, by Dick Brave and the Backbeats. You know, party! Started! As a first song. See?

Fistibal-Festival, by Wyclef Jean. This is so fun, and not just because of the DeBarge riff – it’s so… party-like. It sounds like a lot of people having a really good time.

Auld Lang Syne, by die Toten Hosen (Dead Trousers), a German punk band. I mean, you have to include that song on a New Year’s mix, and this version is the clear favorite, what with the accent-confusion and the impression that the band is getting progressively drunker as they sing.

Tennessee Plates, by John Hiatt. Now if they’d known what we was up to they wouldna let us in / and now we landed in Memphis like original sin. This song tells a great story.

Rock Around With Ollie Vee, by Buddy Holly. I’m gonna shake it just a little in the middle of the night… Woo.

B is for Brutus, by the Hives. I know I’ve said this before, but: Best. Riff. Ever. Total nuke ’em song.

La Boa, by los Mocosos. A perfect cha-cha song. If you don’t know how to cha-cha, learn. Right now. Go ahead, I’ll just wait right here.

Tony Zoulias (Lustful Life), by Mando Diao. I just like to live, I lead a lustful life. My current favorite song, very defiant and also just happens to RAWK. Dude.

Jerk It Out, by the Caesars. I loves me some scratchy guitar. I think these guys are Swedish, but I’m having a helluva time finding anything about them on the internets.

Hurra, by die Ärzte, another German punk band that’s been around for one million years. This is such a happy song, hurray everything’s super, everything’s wonderful. Huh-what? I put an Ärzte song on every mixmania CD? Yeah, probably. What can I say, they are totally juvenile and I’m probably the only person over the age of 12 who likes them, but I really do.

Tout Est Permis (Viens), by Noyau Dur. C’mon, anything goes, says the title. Another band that had a website, and now I can’t find them. Not to be confused with Le Noyau Dur, about whom I know nothing.

Let’s Be Friends (Skin to Skin), by Bruce Springsteen. Yeah, naked friends. Great bump-and-grind song.

My Little Brother, by Art Brut. Saw these guys in concert about a year ago and I still laugh, remembering it. Funny guys. Funny song.

She Wants to Move, by N*E*R*D. Her ass is a spaceship I want to ride… I mean, really. How could I not include this?

Rock the Shack, by New Order. Because that’s pretty much what you do on New Year’s Eve, if the opportunity arises. Not that I did, with all the children around New Year’s tends to be kinda… sedate. Oh well.

Erotic City, by George Clinton. Just because it’s a really great song, that’s all. Oo yeah.

Wild Dances, by Ruslana Lyzhicko, high-energy Ukrainian diva who happens to look eerily like my best friend Shannon from second grade. I’m sorry, but I just had to put this one in. Actually, no. I’m not sorry. You’re a much hipper person now that you know how to say “Doo be doo be doo…” in Ukrainian.

One Last Party (weekend in New York), by KiDDO. Where did I get this song? Chuck? Anyway, it’s a great one. Here’s the party, baby.

Banquet, by Bloc Party. Umm… because there’s… food at most New Year’s Eve parties? Actually, just because I like it.

Fr. Schmidt, by die Schröders, another German classic. This one’s about a student’s crush on (or possibly affair with) a teacher. Very tittery. Can I clean your blackboard? With my… little… sponge? Ewww…

American Music, by the Violent Femmes. Because, that’s why. Who need a reason to put the Femmes on a mix-disc?

Wild Wild Life, by the Talking Heads. A longtime favorite, and appropriate to the theme.

So there you have it. Hope you like it, those of you who got it. If anyone else out there wants a copy, just gimme a shout – I finally figured out how to burn a CD. Okay, to be fair, it wasn’t all my fault it didn’t work. My old computer was… well… an old computer.

As usual on mixmania!-day, the song du jour of the day is any of the above.


8 responses to “mixmania!

  • samirah

    awww man, i hope i got yours. i love like 79% of those songs already.
    if i didn’t get it can i have it? you would know if i was your match though, wouldnt you.

  • alala

    Yup. I may still have your address floating around. If not, I’ll email you for it, and probably get it out in Friday’s mail.

  • Kel

    You are the best person ever! Thank you for sending me your mix!

    But I have to say- blackboards? little sponges? Oh. My. God.

  • Sarie

    Ooooh oooohhh I’d love a copy.

    Sounds like a great mix. Since Kel got it, I know i didn’t get your mix. One down, a ton more to try to figure out (I’m not home for a few weeks so can’t receive my disks).

  • Melanie

    Um, yes please. I like it when other people sort out my listening for me, and it doesn’t happen often enough, so I end up listening to the radio, which is, I realize so.not.done. So send me one and I will be SOOOOOO much cooler. Right?

  • alala

    @Melanie: well, yes and no. DrBob listens to the radio allatime, and he’s much cooler than I am. Also, you were cool to begin with and are made cooler because of the rock star husband – how many of us have one of those? Also-also, if your computer’s up to it, you can try something like pandora (www.pandora.com) – ~d told me about it. You tell it an artist or a song you like, and it tries to find other stuff you’ll like based on that preference. So you get to hear new stuff, and the new stuff is a lot less likely to be crap than if you’d just listened to a regular radio station.

    But I’ll still send you a copy of the disc.

    Also, if you want to participate in the Mixmania! the next time around, let me know. You can use my blog.

  • vicki

    Jim does a great job with Mixmania. I joined once and made the worst mix on record, or cd.
    Sigh. Your mix sounds wonderful! Gives new meaning to eclectic.What an assortment of tunes, Ala.
    Only thing missing is something by NOMO…

    Lake Superior State College (now University) is in the hinterlands of MN, not all that far from the Bud and Jan Show. Way too much snow.

  • ~d

    Would you believe that I have been JAMMING to your CD but am just NOW passing thru to get the titles, etc?!

    Auld Lang Syne was one I was REAL curious to know abt…

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