Daily Archives: 30 December 2006

well, now

I tried to do that end-of-year meme-thing, where you put up the first sentence from the first post of every month of the past year? And I learned that 1) I used to be funnier than I am now, and 2) the first sentence of my posts doesn’t tell you anything useful. Or funny.

And I thought I’d do a sort of year-end retrospectacle, look back over what happened this year and all that. I used to do that when I kept a paper journal and actually wrote out my thoughts regularly – gad, did I ever have that much free time? But that was hampered by the fact that I can’t really remember anything that happened before July. Oh yes – the World Cup was in Germany, wasn’t it? That was kinda fun. And after that there was something about pneumonia, and we bought a house, and I got to meet my nieces and nephews. Was this a good year? Am I usually this clueless at the end of the year? Am I usually this clueless in general? Eh. Probably.

Anyway. Tomorrow is the last day of 2006. I’ll spend the morning cleaning the house because it’s Sunday, and then pick DrBob up from the airport. We’ll go to some friends’ house for dinner and Settlers of Catan, and fireworks and champagne (and fizzy juice for the kids) at midnight, and melt lead and drop it in cold water to tell our fortunes for the coming year, and the next time I see you it’ll be 2007!

So okay. Here’s to new beginnings. I wish you heaps of fun on the last day of 2006, a well-earned hangover for the first day of 2007, and all the best for the coming year.

well that was brief

Snow’s gone. It was pretty much gone by noon yesterday. Interesting. Bavaria spent last winter in Siberia, I guess we’ll be spending this one in western WA. Mucky, wet, gray, depressing, mostly snowless. You know? I’m okay with that. Last winter dumped enough snow on us, I figure I’m good for oh, ten years.

Song du jour of the day: Perfect, by The The.