whoa. snow!

snowy nightI was beginning to think it wasn’t going to happen, but lo! It started around 9 p.m., as I was putting the Sniglet to bed. By 10, when I went out to get more wood for the fire, there was a good inch on the ground. Beautiful, fluffy, Disney snow, too, with big fat flakes. Ignatz is stoked.

Aaaand now it’s 11:30, and someone’s out there shoveling.


One response to “whoa. snow!

  • FirstNations

    it snowed here for about seven minutes today…strange little pellets of styrofoam that slattered around on the deck and then melted. bah.
    i went down to the arwen sweater swatch and DANG is that a beautiful cable! i liked the dark blue at the bottom. make it in extra large and SEND IT TO ME BECAUSE I’M FRICKEN’ FREEZING IN THIS KITCHEN

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