I’ve pre-ordered Book 7…

I check J.K. Rowling’s site, oh, every few months or so. It’s an engaging site, but not something I need to follow obsessively.

Even so, I am a huge Harry Potter fan – in the sense that I really like the books, not in the sense that I need to buy all the accessories or dress like the characters (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I like the way her narrative style evolves as her hero ages, and I really like his character arc. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about what a whiny prat Harry was in the fifth book, but I really loved that she let him be an adolescent for one book, with all the strong emotion and precipitous behavior that goes with it.

Anyway. Because I don’t check frequently, I only just ran across this yesterday, even though it was written in September

You might think I’d have got used to that idea during the sixteen years I’ve been planning seven books, but it still keeps hitting me… no more Harry after this… and then I bury myself in book seven again and tell myself I’ve still got plenty to write.

Hm. “no more Harry after this.” Hm. Does that sound like a hint to you? My nephew thinks she’s going to kill Harry off in the seventh book. I think he hopes so, he likes high drama, and I think that would seem, to him, like a fitting end to the series.

I hope she doesn’t. But even if she doesn’t, then she’ll bump off someone else I like, like Ron or Hermione, which would be just as bad. And this is making me apprehensive.

When I was oh, junior-high age, I read Anne of Green Gables, and the many sequels. I read them several times, in fact. I was in high school when the author killed Anne’s dreamer-poet son Walter in WWI, and after that I gave the books away and never read them again. I just couldn’t read about the bright, talkative, passionate redheaded Anne anymore, knowing that that was in her future.

And that, or something like it, is in Harry’s future: if it’s not him, it’ll be someone important to him, someone even more important than the characters she’s already offed in books 5 and 6. So I’m thinking maybe I should read through all the Harry Potter books one more time before the seventh one comes out. Just in case.

What do you think? Who should die, and who shouldn’t? How will that affect how you read the characters? The question is only for Harry fans, obviously. If you don’t care, that’s fine, but I don’t really need to hear about it. If you know what I mean.

And now for something completely different: the song du jour of the day. Which is Jim Croce’s Roller Derby Queen, in honor of Kelly and her Christmas present.

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