Daily Archives: 24 December 2006

Happy Hols, darlings

Since I spent Thanksgiving on an airplane, I didn’t really get to observe the holiday, so I’ll say now that I am so thankful for all of you who read and comment here. You bring me joy.

So, re the sweater. Sez Elemmaciltur…

The Vergissmeinnicht Swatch looks perfect for the yarn and the pattern!

It is almost perfect, and I’m still considering it. But sometimes you (well, I) learn more about what you want as you move through a process, and swatching has taught me that this sweater wants to be a darker color.

BTW, what camera are you using to take that picture? The resolution is huge and the quality marvellous!

Erm… um… well… actually, *ahem* I scanned it. Feels kinda like cheating, but we have the crappy Aldi digicam, and I haven’t really gotten around to learning how to use it yet, so yes. I scan my swatches, and I rarely photograph my knitting, though I should. I’m about halfway done with Ignatz’s cable sweater, and still haven’t taken a picture of it. I should do that, huh? Since it won’t fit in the scanner.

Sez Melanie…

I think you are a faaaaaaaaaaaancy knitter.

Oh, honey. You should see Elemmaciltur‘s stuff. He’s like my knitting hero; you should check him out.

And finally, on the politicization of Christmas. Have you heard about this? Sure you have, how it’s like all atheist and evil to say “Happy Holidays” because that greeting includes the possibility, however remote, that the greetee is not actually Christian? And it’s somehow anti-Christian to admit the possibility that someone might be something else? I just have to wonder, does anybody really take this seriously? Seriously? I mean, even if such a thought drifted across my mind, I’d be too embarrassed to say it aloud.

Huh. I’ve been hearing H-H since I was a kid, and I always thought the Holidays to which it referred were Christmas and New Year’s. Not that I have any objection to wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, Eid, Kwanzaa, Solstice, or whatever else leaps to mind, and I hereby do so: Happy Whatever, y’all.