a day in the life

I got my yarn samples from Rohrspatz & Wollmeise today so I’ve been swatching up a storm. Here’s one view of the sweater I’m planning to make, from the Knitting magazine I bought in Seattle. Here are the colors I asked for… samples.png

Every batch is different, and of course yarn in real life looks different from yarn on a computer screen, so the very-promising Gewitterhimmel (Stormy Sky) is in reality not quite right, though it will make someone a damnfine baby sweater… any takers? I’m leaning toward the Vergißmeinnicht (Forget-me-not) at this point.

DrBob bought a Christmas tree and left it out front. He plans to decorate it on the 24th. Do I need to tell you how too-late I think that is?

The Sniglet and I were supposed to go shopping for presents (from him for his father and brother and a friend), but we didn’t really get started until 3, and that was when I remembered that annoying thing that happened last week that I didn’t blog about. To wit: DrBob was in Spain and I had to get the Sniglet to soccer practice and I could not find his non-marking, uncleated indoor gym-shoes anywhere. And the previous week, I’d been in the U.S. and DrBob had taken the Sniglet to practice, so the missing shoes were quite obviously his fault.

Anyway, last week we borrowed some sneakers from a little friend, but then we gave them back, and then? I completely forgot about the whole episode until today, an hour before he was due at practice.

What? It’s still DrBob’s fault. Somehow.

So before we could shop for presents we had to buy shoes. That went as quickly and well as could reasonably be expected, and left us ten minutes to buy three presents. Fortunately, the Sniglet is good at making snap decisions and I have finally (praise Jesus, finally) learned to stop second-guessing my kids. So that went well.

Okay. Sniglet delivered to soccer practice by the grandparents because DrBob is off in Munich, Ignatz finally home from school, I haul in the Christmas tree and discover: that the trunk is too thick for our Christmas tree stand. Can I get a sheesh?

It was a short-lived crisis: Oma and Opa leapt to the rescue with their much more capacious (but not as pretty) Christmas tree stand, which they insist they don’t need this year, so that’s all right, and the boys spent a happy and cooperative hour decorating the tree. Yay. Granted, it looks like it was decorated by a couple of kids, but it looks like that when I do it too, so no worries.

I feel like I’ve really got a handle on this Christmas business this year. I think it’s because I’m ignoring a whole lot of things. Well, I guess I’ll find out in a couple days.

Song du jour of the day: In These Shoes, by Kirsty MacColl

One response to “a day in the life

  • Elemmaciltur

    OMG, a sweater with Wollmeise yarn? That’s kinda costly, but I think it’s worth it.

    Why? What’s wrong with Gewitterhimmel? I’m thinking about ordering another batch of yarn from Wollmeise to play with (and Gewitterhimmel would also be in that batch). I actually just rolled up the Rhabarber yesterday and am going to make another My So Called Scarf. :-)

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