Daily Archives: 18 December 2006

all better

The headache is gone, I picked up DrBob from the airport today, my family is all together again, the house is clean, the sheets are clean (on our bed, at least – the kids don’t give a rat’s ass), and I baked a pie. Apple! And I threw in some Craisins we’d had lying around forever (and reduced the sugar, of course) and it’s very good. Dinner was on the table on time and for a wonder, everybody ate it. Yes, I can do the domestic goddess thing (I can sew, too), I just don’t, usually.  Elemmaciltur was right, I did survive. I still made a nasty face at my computer when I read that comment, though.

Oh! speaking of computers, I have a new one! Woot! After years of laptops, I have taken two steps back and bought a desktop, gee I feel so retro. Except, you know what? For €999, the price of a low-end laptop, you can get a pretty jazzy desktop. My screen is HOOGE! And my CPU is teeny! And it’s all silver, yay! Ooo! And it came with one-a them printer-copier-scanner things – now if it only made coffee, it would be perfect.

And Christmas is, oh, more or less on track. This year we’re hosting it: yes. My Mother-In-Law will actually be coming to MY house for the whole thing, and I am oddly un-stressed about it all. I pulled Ignatz’s birthday together pretty much with one hand tied behind my back, so I’m feelin’ my Wheaties at this point. Everything will be fine.

Song du jour of the day: Gettin’ In the Mood (for Christmas), by the Brian Setzer Orchestra.