Daily Archives: 17 December 2006

headache, day 3

You know, I generally walk through life composing blog entries. While cleaning the kitchen, walking down the street, dusting the bookshelves, I’m talking to myself, rewinding, editing, planning. But actually posting them? Not so much. Wonder why.

So Ignatz’s birthday was a success from his point of view… he got good loot and had fun. Two of his friends stayed overnight, and one of them is still here. Yes, day three. And it’s the best friend – now I have no problems with the principle of a best friend, God knows I value mine, but please. This is the child who never says anything when he can shout it. Who considers screaming a valid form of entertainment. Who has to be vocalizing every single waking moment. And both my children seem to feel the need to keep up with him, so the cacophony is trebled. And he’s often mean to the Sniglet, who adores him for reasons I find completely incomprehensible. So in addition to the shouted conversation there are also the occasional heartbroken wails from my younger son, and then I have to comfort him.

Also? Boy. Some of you do not have this kind of son, but there are lots of them out there: his mother in ineffectual, his father is the only real authority in his house, so he doesn’t respect any women and feels free to be rude to his friends’ mothers as well. Now, when Ignatz was 5 and we lived in the States, I was able to cope with the occasional bad behavior from one of his friends. My basic principle was, while you’re in my house, you’re my child: I’ll bandage your boo-boos, feed you, and bark at you if you’re bad. But that doesn’t work here for two reasons: one, I’m not confident enough in my German to be sure of making myself understood; and two, I don’t like this kid.

But my kids do. And I’m not in the business of choosing their friends for them. I will be, if they ever pick friends that could hurt them or land them in jail, but this one’s basically just obnoxious. And loud.

So I have this headache, and I’m being a martyr, and I hate martyrs.

Also? This is not one of the blog entries I’ve been walking around composing. I’ll get those out at some point. Really.

Song du jour of the day: One Last Party (weekend in New York), by KiDDO