Daily Archives: 13 December 2006


Still working out the jet lag kinks, so this may be a tad on the incoherent side.

Working from home sucks. For one thing, nobody believes that you really work, so the family feels free to interrupt you every two minutes, and outsiders, especially other moms, give you that smirky, “must be nice” look that always make me wish for a handy chainsaw. Yes, I brought work home from the office – uh, three and a half weeks ago, now – and the pile is not getting smaller.

I am totally unprepared for Ignatz’s birthday the day after tomorrow – totally. And if you ask me anything about Christmas, I will start to wheeze. I really will.

Also? PMS. Gah.

Song du jour of the day: Blood Shot Adult Commitment, by Madrugada.