jet… lagh… yawn… zzzzz…

WOW, is my schedule a mess. I don’t think I’ve ever had it this bad before. My sleeping hours make no sense at all, and the people in this house keep expecting me to, you know, cook stuff for them and listen to them talk. And then, at 3:30 a.m. when I’m wide awake and ready to rock, suddenly nobody needs me. I ask you. Is this gratitude?

Well. DrBob is going to Salamanca on Wednesday, to be gone for five days. I’ll be able to go to bed when the kids do, and maybe by the time he gets back I’ll have settled into a normal pattern.

When he gets back, Ignatz will be 12. Thought I’d mention it now because on the actual day (this Friday) he wants to have 4 or 5 friends over for a snack-buffet and movie and whatever hilarity a bunch of 12-year-old boys can come up with. So as you can imagine, I’ll be too busy twitching and screaming to blog.

Song du jour of the day: American Music, by the Violent Femmes.


2 responses to “jet… lagh… yawn… zzzzz…

  • Melanie

    I had two 12 year old boys in my house at the same time for a few days this summer. Um, good luck, hide all breakables, don’t be afraid to just yell right away, nice talk gets you no where.

  • samirah

    oooh, a birthday! i believe at the end of my 12th birthday there was so much cake and frosting in my hair that my mom had to put me in the pool with a bottle of dish detergent just to get it all out.
    i hope your kid has as much fun.

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