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and as for the other one…

I just love that, even though he can’t reliably make the th-sound yet, he’s got sarcasm down. He’s all, “Oh fank you for making me even madder!”

This family totally has its priorities sorted.

Song du jour of the day:  A Little Bit of Love, by RuPaul.


Ignatz, 7 a.m.

I bustled into the boys’ room with the usual morning stuff, “wakey wakey, time to get up, uh, rise and shine…”

Some tousled hair and a bleary face surfaced for a moment and mumbled, “Not sure about the shine.”

I sure do love that kid.

Song du jour of the day: Children of the Revolution, by T-Rex, from Samirah‘s “Music to Set Up a New House To.”

bad blogger! no latte!

Yes! I am back online! But no! The connection problems are not better! So I have loads of random crap to lay on y’all, but I’m desperately busy ignoring my schoolwork and Not Planning wednesday night’s English lesson. Last night we wiped the hard drive on DrBob’s 5-year-old HP pavilion, and I’ve spent most of today installing stuff (and writing down everything this time. Everything, dammit!) and transferring my files over to the new/old machine – so much fun, especially since we’re going to buy a new computer probably next year. Very early next year.

Also played host to a friend of Ignatz’s whose primary entertainment seems to be screaming. His mom has a temp job for the next two months, and I said he could stay come here after school on Mondays and stay till after dinner. The noise level was appalling, and rendered concentration utterly impossible. You know, even when Ignatz is at the height of his ADD, computer-addicted, entitled middle-class white-kid schtick, I still like him better than any of his little friends. Gah.

Also, during the lulls in computer activity while I wait for things to load or copy or restart or install, I’ve been working on knitting traditional Bavarian traveling stitches. I’m beginning to see why Bavarians are so crabby.

One other thing: AAAAARGH! Cheated by our shitbag ex-landlord who is also a cousin of my husband, and therefore even more of a slimy little maggot-turd than he would otherwise be, which is quite slimy enough already. And to make it even more galling, my father-in-law and I both warned DrBob that Septic’d try to cheat us, because that particular branch of the family has a long history of this kind of crap, but we were wrong in our predictions of exactly how he would do it, so we can’t even say we told him so.

Song du jour of the day: Supermonstars, by Lordi. Raar.

Would that be a Screege?

Well, I turned out not to be a total Halloween Scrooge after all. One of my neighbors took her two daughters out, and she invited the Sniglet to go along. This neighborhood is clearly not as Halloween-savvy as our old one, so the haul was not huge – he got a mini-pack of gummi bears and a stick of gum. Then they hit the Black Hole.

Thing is, there is a holiday here, roundabout this time of year: All Saints’ Day. As in Mexico, it’s a time for visiting ancestors’ graves, cleaning them up a bit, and thinking about the past and lost loved ones. Unlike in Mexico, the weather invariably sucks and it’s a pretty gloomy and bitter holiday. So, um, the Sniglet et al hit maybe three houses, and then rang the doorbell of some people who’d just gotten back from the graveyard. Visiting the grave of their son. Who died this past spring. Bit of a mood killer, there.

So that was it for the little ones. The big kids abused their priviliges hideously, and the hour I gave them somehow turned into 2 1/2, so their spaghetti-brains (pack a buncha spaghetti and sauce into a little plastic bowl, whop it onto a plate, cut a crease in it with a big knife) were cold and their pumpkin juice (mango Kool-Aid, sent by Kel) was warm, but you know, oh well. People who care about such things tend to show up on time, right? Okay then.

Anyway, Ignatz got to have two friends stay over, they all watched Lilo & Stitch while I sifted through the candy and threw out all the unpackaged stuff (seriously, some people just tossed in an apple or a handful of gummi bears or something. People, if you’re going to import a holiday, import the basic precautions that go with it, okay?), and the Sniglet got to stay up hideously late, and holiday fun was had.

For me, not so much. Lots of noise, lots of mess, and while they were watching the movie DrBob came home all pissy because there’s a soccer game he’d wanted to watch, that he hadn’t whispered a word of to me, and he slammed out the door all affronted. I cleaned up the kitchen and grumbled defensive things about How Was I Supposed to Know? and how unfair he was being – hello, taking responsibility for things I had zero control over? And zero knowledge of? Can you spot the adult child of an alcoholic in this picture? Yeah, so once I noticed that, I realized he wasn’t mad at me, he was just disappointed (or, if he was mad at me, it was too ridiculously unreasonable to deserve my attention) and I calmed right down. Wow, is this how healthy people feel all the time? It’s like losing 10 pounds in a few minutes!

Song du jour of the day: Missed Me, by the Dresden Dolls.