Beware of the Blog…

Okay, I’m leaving tomorrow. Am I excited? Umm, no. Stressed, by how much I have to get done in such a short time. Why didn’t I give myself more time? Well, because last year, when my mom was dying and I was away from my boys for a whole month, I noticed that it was at the two-week mark that I stopped thinking “Thank God I don’t have my kids to deal with in addition to all this” and started thinking “God I miss my kids.” Ergo, two weeks is about how long I can be away from my boys, and then I start getting twitchy – okay, okay, twitchiER – and unable to think about anything else.

So but this trip is the last big obstacle to getting my act together, and when I get back I am going to Get Organized. I am going to establish routines, pay more attention to my kids, dust and swiff the house every day, put a website together and advertise for freelance webwork, look for a job-job… and blog, every day.

And then I will lose my two remaining readers, because I will be SO BORING.

Song du jour of the day: Da Da Da, by Trio. Oh hey, that reminds me: Patriside has a new Mixmania up, go sign up for it, okay? I’m using a different computer now, and when I get back from the States I’ll see if it can burn CDs. If it works, I am SO IN. C’mon, sign up. You know you want to…

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