A week from tomorrow! Ack! Is it time to panic yet?

See, because I have the attention span of a goldfish, not only do I not remember anything that happened more than a week ago, I also forget anything that’s too far in the future. So I plan trips and buy tickets – an e-ticket this time, which is why I have nothing tangible, which may have contributed to the forgetting – and the dates are so far off that I don’t really think about the event, and then all of a sudden WHOOSH, it’s right in front of my face. I’m flying to Seattle! And then Denver! And then back home! All in the space of two weeks!

I haven’t even thought about what to pack, or what to bring back. Okay, I have lined up places to stay, but that’s only because I’m visiting family, so that doesn’t count. Places to stay sort of lined themselves up for me. A car. Should I rent a car? Can I rent a car? I’ve never actually done it before.

Ack. I hate flying. Ack. Dry skin. Cabin pressure. Having to sit still for 20 hundred skillion hours. Dehydration, boredom, claustrophobia turbulence panic aaaagh! At least, according to Catherine, I can knit on the plane, which is good, but ack! I don’t have a project!

I love traveling in the sense that I really enjoy being other places. Getting there, however, is SO not my favorite part. Hurry up and invent transporters, somebody.

Of course the other ack is that all the Advent stuff will start while I’m gone, which means I have this week to come up with calendars and wreaths and candles and such, and then I have to call DrBob on the right days (ack! I don’t even know when First Advent is!) because he’ll never remember to do it on his own. And I suppose I’d better do my Christmas shopping in the States, at least for the kids. I wasn’t really ready to think about Christmas, but it’ll all be in full swing by the time I get back, and I’ll already be behind. Uh-oh. Also, ack!

For those of you who are reasonably new to this blog: yes, I am always like this. It’s one of the reasons I still can’t believe other people think I’m a grown-up.

Song du jour of the day: umm, something by Elvis Costello. How about, oh, Watch Your Step, that’s a good one.

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