Daily Archives: 31 October 2006

disaster, doom, destruction…

… we’re out of soy sauce.

Okay, just kidding. Well, we really are out of soy sauce, but it’s probably not such a huge problem, though the sweet&sour pork I made last night was not salty enough and I tried to fix it with teriyaki sauce. Learn from another’s experience and don’t do that, okay? It’s not good.

So the internet fairy takes tuesdays off from making my life hell. That is to say, DrBob teaches on tuesdays, and takes his computer with him, so I can set up my computer at his desk and steal the neighbor’s bandwidth for awhile (he said we could, don’t worry. We don’t have permission from his provider, but as they are the very Telekom that’s screwing up our service, I see a certain poetic justice here. After all, if they did their job and gave me the service I’m actually paying for, I wouldn’t have any reason to do this, would I?). So once a week I check up on y’all, and it doesn’t really leave me time to write here – well, sort of it does, but a week’s worth of events and impressions is too much, and it just forms this giant clot in the front of my brain and I can’t untangle it so I wind up with random crap about soy sauce.

And Halloween. Sigh. Back Home, I loved Halloween, the whole dressing-up and black and purple and parties and silliness was very fun, but I’m really not happy about it coming to Germany. Because it really does spring from an ancient Irish tradition that was brought over in the 19th century by great lolloping masses of Irish immigrants, so it has a valid precedent in the States. Here it’s just marketing, with no history or tradition behind it.

This does not keep my children from wanting to participate, however, and having to say no sucks. Especially since Ignatz’s friends are trick-or-treating, and I can’t really keep him from going with them, so I’m only saying no to the Sniglet. That’s really hard, because I recognize the unfairness of it, but I don’t want to take him (did I mention that there is no historical or traditional precedent for Halloween here? So some people are into it, but a lot of them, if you knock on their door and ask for candy, will be all WTF on you, and Ignatz can tolerate this, but I already get enough of it, thank you) and the Sniglet’s too young to go on his own.

Gah. Holidays, good. Holidays out of context, not so much.

Song du jour of the day: In These Shoes, by Kirsty MacColl. Which reminds me that I owe someone a thank-you…