Hee heee

So y’all know that the Internet Fairy has cursed me lately and will require many propitiation rituals before she’ll let me have my own account back, right? And I’ve occasionally been borrowing DrBob’s internet, and at some point I signed him out of GoogleTalk, and signed me in, and now his computer thinks he’s me, and whenever we turn it on, I’m signed in and he’s signed out. Which is why Kel thought I was online, Friday. Which is why she blasted out a big ol’ Happy Birthday!, right in the middle of DrBob’s first lecture and Power Point extravaganza (DrBob is a zealous recent convert to the magic of Power Point) for his Intro to Romanic Literature course. I’m sure his 60 or so students were very amused. I’m amused. I think it’s hilarious.

I’m easily amused. It’s a great thing to be.

Song du jour of the day: <b>Coconut</b>, technically by Harry Nilsson, but I’m thinking of the version performed by the Muppets, in the episode with Kenny Rogers.

6 responses to “Hee heee

  • mariah

    oh my god. I love that version of the song. wonderful.

  • mariah

    put the lime in the coconut–then you feel better!
    the best part (in the Muppet version) is the end, when the doctor says, “If you call me in the morning, I’ll tell you what to do.”

  • Kurt

    Happy belated birthday!

    You mentioned elsewhere about the sadness of missing beloved tv shows while being overseas, and I didn’t want this to get lost in the move, so to speak hehe. You can go here to see if any particular show is available for download. I’d recommend waiting til you have your DSL sorted out, some of the files are huge! Make sure you’re getting the episode you want, and not the whole season hehe. You can use Azureus to download torrents if you don’t have a torrent client yet.

    That’s how I get my Dr. Who fix when the Brits get it, instead of having to wait for it’s eventual meandering over to the US :)

  • Elemmaciltur

    Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

  • samirah

    ha, that’s fantastic. i had a professor once who’s questionable pictures of his wife (?) came up as his screen saver during a lecture.

  • Winters


    Thank you for the link. I’ll be back to visit when the Internet fairy is smiling on you once again.

    I look forward to it. Have a great weekend.

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