Flashing the Stash

SO much to catch up on, but first, to respond to a call from Elemmaciltur, because I said I would, and also because I need to figure out how to do pictures in this blog. So here’s my yarn-stash, with the qualifiers that I always seem to need to add, to wit:

Sorry about the plastic bags, I used to store my yarn in the basement and it needed protecting. This is actually about half of what I had then – in the move I threw away everything that smelled… you know, basementy. Yes, the bags did too work – I’d have had to throw it all away if they hadn’t. So this is all I have left, and in a hand-slapping penitent way, I am not allowing myself to buy any new yarn until I use some of this stuff up. Sort of. Only, I just did, for the Sniglet’s ferry boat sweater, oops. But aside from that, um… and any other new projects that wander into my head… okay okay okay, how’s this: no more buying yarn unless I have a specific project in mind for it.

Of course, we all know the rule: she (or he) who dies with the most yarn wins. In light of that, having to throw away the basementy stuff was a serious setback. Also, my LYS moved away, to a town I have no reason to go to, so I can’t just happen by and drift inside, and oops, sort of accidentally buy some yarn. Darn.

Anyhoo. Here it is:

Flash your Stash!

So howbout it, all you crafty people? Flash your stash and impress us all! And let me or Elemmaciltur know you did, so we can tell all our friends to go “Oooo! Aaah!”

I can’t believe I forgot the song du jour of the day on my birthday (it was Cracker’s Happy Birthday To Me), but here’s one for today: ooo, one of my favorites, even: Fall On Me, by R.E.M.


4 responses to “Flashing the Stash

  • Elemmaciltur

    Oh my good lord! You THREW AWAY yarns?!!! What kind of knitter in the right set of mind would throw away yarn??!!! (@@) GAAAAAAHHH!!!! *Tears hair out*


  • Awaiting

    I have always been impressed with knitting, but I lack the coordination and attention span to actually do it. I actually bought some yarn once, very pretty it was…and all I did was stare at it…hoping that by some miracle I’d one day pick it up and it would magically transform into a cute sweater.

    Never did happen though. Guess I didn’t concentrate hard enough!

  • ~d

    THIS IS a SMASHING looking page! Yummy!

  • ~d

    Goodness sakes! I am linking THIS now, NOT blogger, right?!
    Forgive the stupidity.

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