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More from the peanut gallery

Vicki said…

That’s a hefty tag on health insurance. What happened to socialized medicine?

This is socialized medicine: those who have more (that’s us) pay more, so that people who can’t afford health insurance can still get medical care – the price we pay for living in a healthy society, and mostly I think it’s worth it. We are pretty solidly middle-class, but our rates are at the top of the scale, because there are a few flaws in the system. One is that costs are high in general because nobody ever tries to rein in the pharmaceuticals giants, who are laughing all the way to the bank, believe me. Another is that if you have even a little more money than we do, it’s cheaper to go with private insurance, and a lot of people do that: they pay lower rates while they’re young and healthy, and then when they get old, or develop a chronic illness, their private insurance drops them like a hot rock. Then they come back and sponge off the public fund that they couldn’t be bothered to contribute to when things were okay.

What that means is that the many Germans who can’t afford health care depend on ordinary middle-class families like us, because the people who have money don’t pay into the system.

Melanie said…

And hey, haven’t your cast of characters aged yet? (Still 11 and 5?)

Nope, still 11 and 5. DrBob turned 40 in March, but the rest of us don’t age. It’s too expensive.

elemmaciltur said…

Weren’t you allowed to knit in the hospital?

Probably, but the placement of my IV needles didn’t give the range of movement I would need for knitting: I couldn’t use the fingers of my right hand for four days, then I couldn’t use my left arm at all for another day. Plus the yarn would’ve gotten caught in the IV tubing, that woulda sucked.

Actually, the reason they let me out is not because I’m better, but because I’m ambulant – because I can take the meds in tablet form instead of needing them intravenously. Technically I’m still sick, and supposed to be taking it easy.

kimberlydi said…

Take every single antibiotic… You don’t want a relapse.

No, I sure don’t. Last time, with the bronchitis, they didn’t give me enough antibiotics, that’s why the pneumonia hit me – because I stopped treatment before I was well (NOT on purpose, because they under-medded me).

Still, going on two weeks of antibiotics now, and it’s doing bad things to my digestion and my teeth. I will take them all, but I don’t know what condition I’ll be in by the time they’re all done.

Let me just take a moment here to state the blisteringly obvious: Being sick? Sucks.

Also, while I’ve got you here, I wonder if anyone has an instruction manual for husbands, as mine seems to be malfunctioning. He’s sick, but refuses to go to the doctor, because he’s sure the doc will only say he needs to cut back on stress, and he can’t do that, so he’s driving us all crazy swanning around like La fucking Traviata not getting better of course, and his mood is affecting all of us. Clearly, he needs a tune-up. Or a pipe wrench to the head.

Song du jour of the day: Machinehead, by Bush

Well that was stupid…

Pneumonia. I mean really. What a stupid thing to happen right when I have so much stuff to get on with. Apparently stress is a major factor – stress? Moi? I have the best life of anyone I know, I don’t have stress. (DrBob: Why didn’t you tell the doctor that your mom died of lung cancer last year? alala: I dunno, why, is that important?) Anyway, it was all a big, dumb waste of time – not being in the hospital, that’s a good place to be when you’re really sick, and I was – the being sick part. That was dumb. And a waste of time.

And it’s not quite over. Another… uh. Hospital doc says another week of antibiotics, regular doc writes me a prescription for five days. That doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence, does it? And I’m supposed to take it easy, while moving house and getting up early to get my kids to school, that starts tomorrow – would’ve been today, but everybody gets a day off because the Pope’s here, something that ticks DrBob right off, but whatever.

What was I talking about? I dunno. I went on vacation not knowing how sick I was, but pretty sure when I got back that it wasn’t good. First day back I went to the doctor and was not at all surprised when she tossed me straight into the hospital. Which was lovely at first, to be taken care of for the two days when I was in a fever-induced daze, but when clarity returned, I was dreadfully bored. And they made me stay another five days.

Song du jour of the day: Truckin’, by the Grateful Dead. What a long strange trip it’s been…

feet greet

Many thanks from alala for the kind wishes! There are no complications and she’s recovering, although this is apparently a longish process. alala’s increasingly annoyed by hospital life; definitely a good sign. The treatment involves an intravenous drip, orthopedic stockings (very sexy, see above), some really neat gadgets she has to use to bring her lungs back to full capacity–and ‘food’. My theory is that the organic matter served instead of breakfast, lunch and dinner is supposed to trigger archaic survival instincts and mobilize the body’s resistance. The only chance to escape this culinary rogue regime is to get healthy. Here’s a sample of ‘food’ (administered 9 September, 12:00 CET):

Health insurance receives about €1,000 monthly from us. I know now that the money is well spent.

Dr. Bob’s medical report

Hi, I’m afraid that I have to dissappoint those who are waiting to read about alala’s Balkan adventures: Istria is not part of the Balkans, and I’m not alala but the “scarily multilingual academic” (who is somewhat linguistically scared about having to go public without alala’s proven editorial help). The trip was great, and now she’s in the hospital with a pneumonia. It was probably an overdose of recreation. This pneumonia is a pretty nasty thing, but, given the circumstances, alala’s fine and in good spirit. We hope that she’ll be back next week.