Daily Archives: 29 September 2006

I didn’t win! Yay!

Okay, a number of people (and that number is two, but I know the rest of you are thinking it) asked me why I ran for the parent-council-thing if I didn’t want to be on it. And it was partly because, you know, parents should be involved and stuff, and also because every year in Ignatz’s class there have been fewer candidates, until last year there was nobody, and after about two minutes of absolute silence Mrs Lallet said “Oh all right, I’ll do it. Again.” She’s been on the job since they were all first graders. I figured nobody’d want the job, so I should step up.

And that is more or less what I said when it was my turn to introduce myself. And then the other candidates were all sparkly and saying crap like “I served for five years on the kindergarten parent council and it was so much fun!” or “I’ve never done it before but I just love organizing things and I’m so excited about this opportunity!” After that it’s a wonder I got any votes at all, but I did. I got two votes, which is exactly how many votes Jonas’s mom got, and she didn’t even show up at the meeting. I have to wonder what some people were thinking.

So I didn’t win, and I survived another parent-evening. All good.

The shelves are over at the new house, most of them. Tomorrow starts two days of packing and maneuvering furniture up and down stairs and cursing and saying “How the HELL did we accumulate so much effing STUFF!?”

I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself.

Song du jour of the day: Wait for Me, by Hall & Oates. But not just any version, oh no. The live version at the end of Hall & Oates’s Greatest Hits. I know what you’re thinking: Hall & Oates? Greatest Hits? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

No. No it is not.