Moving week – Los geht’s!

Well, Saturday the brother-in-law came over and helped DrBob move some of the heavy stuff to the new house, which was way fun for me – I love watching boys flex their muscles. I spent Saturday putting DrBob’s books in boxes, he spent Sunday taking them out of the boxes and putting them on his shelves (in the new house, that is). In about half an hour we’ll go to Ikea and see how many fights one couple can pack into one day, that’ll be fun. And then tonight some potential renters will come to look at the house (what, already!? I know!), and some more on Tuesday. It’s lovely, our couch is gone so the living room looks huge, and the fifteen or so cardboard boxes provide an excuse for the dust. I managed to get most of the filth removed, but of course I have sons, so that’ll last until they’re home from school.

Anyway, that’s me not blogging, and not even doing much worth blogging about: measuring rooms, putting things in boxes, taking them out of boxes, cleaning, I’m sure you don’t need the grisly details. Wow, did we ever manage to accumulate a lot of stuff in five years! And I’m gonna feel really guilty about throwing so much away, but really, I just can’t keep holding onto all this crap. Did you know I was into rubber stamps as a teenager? And I still have the dratted things? I’ve been trying to think who would want them, and frankly, I’m drawing a blank. I thought of having a Vicki-style potlatch, but the postage to the U.S. would ruin us financially and I don’t have that many friends in Germany. Ugh.

Speaking of friends in Germany, we need a couple big strong guys to help us next Sunday (I’m not supposed to be lifting things yet). We pay in pizza and beer. Any takers?

Song du jour of the day: La Vie Ghetto, by Wyclef Jean.

Oh! AND, I discovered today that one of the kids in the Sniglet’s class lives in our new neighborhood. Fellowmom neighbor, yay! Also, I’m running for the um, parent-council… thingy. What do you call that in English? I’d say wish me luck, except that I really don’t know whether I want to win or lose.

2 responses to “Moving week – Los geht’s!

  • Kelly

    I want to help you move! I like pizza and beer!

  • Anonymous

    In Canada, one calls it the PAC, Parent Advisory Committee, and you get to be involved if you just show up, no being elected crap. Good luck with the rest of the moving and bring me the rubber stamps!!!! If you have room in your luggage and the inclination, of course.
    all love,
    Melly and Ruby

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