feet greet

Many thanks from alala for the kind wishes! There are no complications and she’s recovering, although this is apparently a longish process. alala’s increasingly annoyed by hospital life; definitely a good sign. The treatment involves an intravenous drip, orthopedic stockings (very sexy, see above), some really neat gadgets she has to use to bring her lungs back to full capacity–and ‘food’. My theory is that the organic matter served instead of breakfast, lunch and dinner is supposed to trigger archaic survival instincts and mobilize the body’s resistance. The only chance to escape this culinary rogue regime is to get healthy. Here’s a sample of ‘food’ (administered 9 September, 12:00 CET):

Health insurance receives about €1,000 monthly from us. I know now that the money is well spent.


3 responses to “feet greet

  • vicki

    well, good deal, except for the gruel. If the rest of her is as spiffy as those toes she must be looking much better. Give her my best and tell her I can’t wait to read her next update.
    (That’s a hefty tag on health insurance. What happened to socialized medicine?)

  • Kelly

    Nice socks! Tell the woman to get better soon! Hope all is well with you and the boys…

  • Chicka

    Oooh, sexy!!!

    I’m glad you’re feeling a mite better. Pneumonia indeed! Hrmph!

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