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Two updates, one rant

Let’s see, the house really did sell, and the money really did get transferred into my account, and we really did wire-transfer a little over half of it to our account here in Germany, so we are ready for the signing tomorrow – the notary fee should be something like €3500, and there are taxes and taxes and taxes to pay. Oook. But it’s all going forward, and I’m excited.

I just got the tickets for my trip to the States – a week in Seattle and a week in Denver. I wish both weeks could be longer, but I learned something last October, when I was in Port Townsend for a month: two weeks is as long as I can be away from my husband and sons. After that I get really jittery and strange and can’t think about anything else. There’s also the moving and the kids in school and the starting my freelance webdev business and DrBob going to Spain in mid-December, so two weeks is about as long as my life can spare me. I’m still fairly excited about seeing my people.

I’m not too excited about the new security measures resulting from the terror plot that was conveniently foiled right when both Bush and Blair needed something new for people to talk about. I hope by the time I have to fly they will at least allow books on board.

Oh, also? Pardon me for getting all Language-Nerd AND left-wing AND academic on your ass, but according to the BBC, British Home Secretary John Reid said:

had the attack gone ahead it would have caused a loss of life of “unprecedented scale”.

And, from the same source:

Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner Paul Stephenson said the alleged plotters had intended “mass murder on an unimaginable scale”.

Why are these idiots holding public office? “Unprecedented”? Maybe so far this month, fuckwit. “Unimaginable”? Excuse me, it wasn’t just imagined, it was done, a lot of it in your lifetime, asshole.

The English language has more words than most comparable world languages – it’s an incredibly rich resource, and the reason we have so many words is so that you can find the right one for the occasion. Yes, it would have been tragic and horrible for 3-10 airplanes to crash, but using words like unprecedented and unimaginable is, quite simply, telling lies. Pretty fucking insensitive lies, too. These nitwits didn’t “mean” to say that 2,996 people were not killed on 9/11, that a million or so Tutsis did not die in Rwanda in 1994, that 9-15 million people were not systematically murdered by the Nazi regime. But that is what they said.

And lest you think I’m nitpicking on some basically decent guys, let’s just look at what they really meant: “Biggest hugest scariest-ever deal, ohmigod everybody PANIC!” Which is exactly, exactly the wrong approach to take with a situation like this. So, nice try, but no: two stupids do not make a right.

And nobody called them on it, except zefrank – am I the last person to find out about this guy? He’s fab. And cute. I may like him even better than Ask a Ninja.

Song du jour of the day: Janine, by Soul Coughing.

comments? I love comments!

Melanie said:

Why That Is, my opinion…
Subtract 5 year old = increased predictability, less noise and stimulation.
Subtract poppa = increased choice and control???
Momma alone = more attention and patience.

That’s my official consultant thinking… What do you think?

I think those are some excellent points. I was thinking you’d have to take into account the various relationships in the family, i.e. that DrBob is a lot more bothered by – um, well, just about everything Ignatz does – than I am (the same is true with regard to me and the Sniglet), but actually, now that I think of it, when he and Ignatz are home alone they report very little conflict. Relationships increase in complexity the more people you throw in, I guess.

Nate said…

Just So You Know: “Ridin’ Dirty” is my suburban white-dad closet rap fan code word for “currently wearing a diaper full of poo.” I love it when the older kids say it without knowing that it’s from a rap song. Makes me feel like I have a secret. heh.

AHAHAHAHA! That adds a whole new element to the Sniglet’s karate-dance! Thanks. I don’t think I’ll tell him about it, though, at least not for awhile.

samirah said…

I’m just going to give you permission to go ahead and throw out the old ass, used wrapping paper. Why? Because as far as I know you are not my grandma.

Much appreciated, thank you.

~d (tilde) said…

HAHAHA! Try cleaning out a fridge after the power has been out for several weeks-and its summer. Nevermind-not a good time! HHAHAA
I love Ridin’ Dirty. They mention the 504 Boys-that is New Orleans’ area code. There are a few other post-katrina refences in it.
Raindog told me to ceck out Boy Kill Boy, but I can’t FIND it-can you???

Yeah, here. Very interesting stuff, worth checking out. Tell Raindog thanks, and while you’re at it, you should both check out Madrugada, if you haven’t already.

Song du jour of the day: Suzie, by boy kill boy.