Daily Archives: 13 August 2006

grousing, general and specific

Right. Shaking off the Osmond-induced bafflement to try to think of something to write about.

This not-working thing is really weird. With the kids underfoot all the time and no reason to be in Munich on any particular day, every day is just like another, and I never know when it is. I know what it is though: cold, mucky, rainy. We had that two-month heatwave that was so bad, the elementary school actually sent kids home because it was too hot (schools here don’t have air conditioning, because it only gets that hot about once every fifty years). The day – THE VERY DAY – vacations started, the weather broke, and it’s been Seattle ever since. Except that, I hear it’s nice in Seattle right now. Damn. DrBob says “I think that august is definitely broken,” because last year august was sucky too.

So as you can imagine, I’m getting a lot of use out of these – remember them?

Tragically, even though I love them, now that they are bought and paid (a lot) for, I discover something even better: Drat.

Um. Wednesday we sign the contract to buy the house. Pray for us.

Song du jour of the day: Take You On a Cruise, by Interpol. Yeah, right, like we’ll ever be able to afford anything like that ever again – we’re about to promise somebody €250,000, people! Aaaagh! Commitment! Run away!