Daily Archives: 9 August 2006

The massive moving project, part 1

First up is the laundry room, and I’ve been working on it for several weeks. Uh, let me rephrase that. It’s been at the top of my list for several weeks, and every five or six days I manage to putz around for an hour or so. Let’s hope I pick up some momentum on this, because at this rate it’ll take me longer to move into the new house than it’ll take to pay it off.

So today I finished the photos – over ten years’ worth, and until recently they were still in the envelopes in which they came home from the drugstore. My scrapbooking days are still years away, but at least the photos are filed somewhat chronologically, in nice, stripy boxes.

The next item in the laundry room was a laundry basket full of sewing – well, patching-projects, actually, jeans outgrown by Ignatz, and waiting so long to be patched that some of them were actually too small for the Sniglet. Oops. But some are still salvageable, so I dug my ancient (how ancient? It was my first birthday present from my in-laws) sewing machine out of the attic and set it up.

Guess what? I still know how to do it! Okay I’ll never be an expert, but at least I know my way around a sewing machine (thanks, Mom!) and have all the equipment I need (thanks, MIL!). And it’s really kind of gratifying, restoring something with my own hands, however humble the results. My kids may be shunned by their little yuppie-larva peers for wearing patched clothes, but Ignatz, at least, wouldn’t even notice being shunned, so for now I don’t care.

So that’s two! Two projects that I finished, or at least moved to a reasonable holding pattern, instead of transferring them, incomplete, to a new basement to languish for however long I was able to avoid them. Yay me.

No news on the car yet. I’ll keep you posted.

Song du jour of the day: Wuthering Heights, by Kate Bush. I just love that song, so swoopy.