Daily Archives: 4 August 2006

a lot to think about

The new Mixmania! theme is up, and it’s a corker. It’s been almost five years since That Day, and I’m still not sure how to feel about it all – not only the event itself, but its legacy. So how very challenging-yet-appropriate: a music-mix for my mixed emotions. Here’s what The Man Himself has to say…

Use this mix as a therapeutic exercise. As a country I think the US suffered from collective PTSD (vivid memory being a feature of that) and maybe a little group therapy is needed to put things in perspective and help us move foreward. Whatever it is we’re doing as country isn’t working. If the highjacker’s intent was to put us Americans at each other’s throats, they’ve succeeded.

I suggest you go read the whole thing, check the rules, and I hope you sign up.

It’s a big assignment, but I’ve got a few ideas…