speaking of blogging milestones…

Overwhelmed With Joy has just put up her 100th post, and she wants to see your 100th post too! Pop on over and add your name and the url of your 100th post to her nifty little list (I gotta learn how to do that…), and spread the word! Because it’s kinda fun.

Here’s mine. Although, to be honest, it’s actually only my 100th since switching to Blogger. I can’t show you the real 100th, because I hand-coded my blog for the first three years (yeah, I know) and I’d never be able to find it.

Song du jour of the day: 1000 Stars, by Big Country.

2 responses to “speaking of blogging milestones…

  • samirah

    I just read your 100th post (woo) and it pissed me off for being sad. I’m sorry about your mom, my grandma lived in France for most of WW2 and always wanted to go back and see it rebuilt but died before she got the chance.

  • ~d (tilde)

    Ok, Ok I did it. I did it! I had to flippin COUNT b/c I am retarded, but I did it.
    (is retarded like really UN-PC? I mean like-am I offensive)

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