See? It’s not just you!

I know you think that everyone else gets an annual Christmas card with photo from me, and timely thank-you notes and all that, and it’s only your birthday that I forget Every. Damn. Year. But it’s really not true. Seriously, get together, compare notes and you will see that there is no connection whatsoever between my love for you and the sending of pretty pieces of paper on or around significant dates.

And this time, the date I forgot is one of mine – my fourth … uh, whaddyacallit? Blog-iversary? Blog-thday? I dunno, but my first blog post happened on July 25th, 2002. And no I can’t post a link to it because 1) it would lead the stalkers right to my house, and 2) since my blog originated as an open letter to my parents, essentially, it’s a really boring entry.

Anyway. Tuesday was a biggish day. And I forgot it completely.

Oh, and p.s. um, Happy birthday Melanie! Couple days late! And Krystal? Your card’s in my bag, I just can’t seem to track down your address. I know it’s around here somewhere. (jeez…)

Song du jour of the day: A-Ha. The Sun Always Shines on TV

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