Daily Archives: 11 July 2006

Yawn. More house stuff.

We saw two more houses, both not pits, today. One was an apartment, actually, fabulously located right near Ignatz’s school – literally, two blocks. A vast improvement on the four blocks away we live now, because those blocks are level, while ours are uphill (both ways <grin>). But the yard belongs to the downstairs people. But it has lots of rooms. But there’d be traffic noise from the highway. But the dining room is almost all windows, which is pretty. But this, but that, but whatever. We’re probably not going to buy it.

The agent had another house up his sleeve, though (yeah. REALLY big sleeves). We’ll call it the Decker house, because the agency is Decker, Inc. It’s in the new neighborhood that’s being built up north of the high school, and it’s just floors, walls and a roof right now. So we’d get to pick the interior doors, the floor-coverings, etc. The guy even said they’d be willing to put an extra wall in the attic room for us, turn it into two rooms. There’s a garage. The house’d be brand new, it isn’t even done yet, so nothing would need to be repaired or replaced for a good long time. Most of it will even be under warranty, so if something did plotz in the next few years, the folks who installed it (all local) would come out and fix it for free. And the kids wouldn’t have to cross the highway to get to school, like they would from the Fisher house. There’s a traffic light, so the highway crossing’s not hugely dangerous, but my sons are both Cocky McKnow-It-All, so it’s a bit more dangerous than it really needs to be.

Umm, so yeah. Definitely better than the Fisher house in a lot of ways, but of course more expensive. Probably about €80,000 more expensive, which would be prohibitive in most situations, but we could swing it. We just have to weigh the pros and cons, I guess. DrBob is obviously very keen on the idea of getting to pimp the house ourselves (well, himself, since we’d never agree and he usually wins). But I really like the Fisher house, for reasons I can’t articulate. We are both not keen on the whole debt-thing, to be honest. So I dunno.

There will be photos at some point. Then y’all can help me decide.

Song du jour del día: Dilema, by Los Tradicionales de Carlos Puebla. (Yes, in Spanish it has only one m.)