Daily Archives: 10 July 2006

Oh, I could perish from the cuteness

Exposition: I hate shopping for clothes. You ever see those 12-packs of t-shirts and think “Now whothehell would buy something like that?” Me. I buy t-shirts in 12-packs whenever possible. (This will not be news to those of you who have actually seen me.) That’s how I shop for my sons’ things, too. If Aldi has kid-clothes on special, I get in, grab whatever they have in the boys’ sizes and get out before some baying mommy-shopper bites off my hand. Which is why I have to check the tags to figure out where to put the folded laundry, because my sons have a lot of the same clothes, just in different sizes.

Story: Anyway. Tonight Ignatz put on his truck jammies, and requested that I put the Sniglet in his truck jammies tomorrow, so they can match. Awwwww, that is so cuuuuute! Especially since, with six years between them, they’ve never been all that close. And now Ignatz is 11 and I know these moments will get fewer and farther between.

Also, look! This is the grapevine that tries to eat our garden shed every summer. We were wrestling with it when we spotted the birds’ nest, and decided shaking the babies was not nice. So we cut the vines back instead of trying to bind them. See the baby blackbird in there? No? Zoom in a bit…

There. Now isn’t that just so darling?

Song du jour of the day: Loveable. The cheerfully affectionate Sam Cooke version, not the mean, sarcastic Elvis Costello version. Though, admittedly, the latter is miles better.


We’ve called Mr Fisher and told him we’re interested in the house, so the process is starting. That’s good. Weather’s nice. That’s good too. I have to register for my class tonight, but for today at least, I’m reasonably free. Free to do a metric assload of housework, but hey, I didn’t even have that luxury for the last couple months.

Sigh. The World Cup is over for another four years. You’d think that’d free up some time, and some of you might be relieved to think the sports-rattle is over for this blog, at least for awhile. But no. On second thought, make that HELL NO!