Daily Archives: 2 July 2006


Hm. Yesterday was, um. Eventful. The Sniglet was home, and Mr. Post-Op was supposed to be taking it easy but I could not get him to hold still, he was all over the place with his little friends, and running like a mad dog. Soccer, tag, freeze tag, hide and seek (when the seeker is five, and counts thusly: “1…2…13…17… okay, here I come!” hide and seek does involve a lot of running). Argh. What was I supposed to do, sit on him? No, because he would have struggled, and that is not “taking it easy.”

In other news, Portugal beat England, minor yay! Because, um, I have a Portugal shirt! Because, er, it was the one in the store that fit me and wasn’t white (I don’t like to wear white, because my children basically see me as a giant Kleenex, and snerkies really show up on white clothes). Besides, Portugal’s the only team left that hasn’t won a World Cup yet, and I do hate to see the cup go to the same few countries time after time. Also, as I mentioned, my tolerance for drama queens is slightly higher than my tolerance for thugs, and Rooney – oh, my Gawd, did you SEE him stomp Carvalho’s nuts!?! Yeek! On the other hand, once he was sent off, and Beckham was out, and with that decidedly unimpressive goalie, and with England a man short, Portugal still didn’t score, which is fairly inexcusable. Seriously, if you can’t put a ball past an opponent with that kind of handicap, you really shouldn’t have got this far in the tournament. In my own, non-prescriptive, you-go-ahead-and-decide-for-yourself opinion. They’re just not up to France’s standard.

Oh, man, the France-Brazil match. Major yay there. Zidane was in great form and a miracle to watch. They did deserve their victory, indeed they did. I have nothing against Brazil, I just think they’ve won too many times (5), and they should give someone else a chance.

Actually, none of that was what I wanted to blog about. Ignatz did a bad, bad thing, and now I’ll have to tell you about it tomorrow, because it’s late and I have to go to bed.

Song du jour of the day: In a Big Country, by Big Country. They were wicked cool before they sold out and dumped the bagpipes, dude.