crowded days

So yesterday we drove to the children’s hospital in Landshut to schedule the Sniglet’s hernia surgery and talk to the surgeon and the anaesthesiologist. Then we took him to McDonald’s because he’d been so patient (he ordered a salad instead of fries with his Happy Meal – alien child), which left us with half an hour to shop for pants for him. I hate shopping so much that I just blitz it once per year per son – dash into the store, grab everything I can find in his size, make him try it all on, whip out the credit card and zoom out the door. Yes, I did get it done in half an hour. Even DrBob was impressed.

And today I spent the whole morning at the Sniglet’s kindergarten, observing, and then met with his teacher and his ergotherapist. After that he had a playdate, and I stayed for the whole thing since he was cranky, while DrBob met with four of Ignatz’s teachers for progress reports. Then I had ten minutes to decompress before I had to dash up to Ignatz’s school (with the Sniglet in tow) to talk to a fifth teacher, because DrBob had to leave for Munich.

Oh. That must be why I’m so tired. I’d been wondering

In other news, I got my Mixmania CD today! Yay! I haven’t had time to listen to the whole thing yet (see above), but so far I’m happy. There are a few things I don’t know yet, but the things I do know? Total memory lane cruise. Very fun.

So the Evil Song du Jour of the Day is: Witchy Woman, by the Eagles. Hoo hoo!

4 responses to “crowded days

  • ~d (tilde)

    man, man MAN! I wanna do the mixmania thing! Jeez. a day late and a dolla short. the eldest ‘graduated’ from K this AM. but he also is sporting an ear ache. So we came home I gave him and his brother Dimetapp and they all slept happily ever after.
    ( as for shopping. I like to internet shop-try it on-if it doesnt fit, send it back ). I have two swim suits for the boys that may or may not fit-we need to find out before I leave on Friday, or they will have no swim suit !!

  • ~d (tilde)

    P.S. NICE hat !!

  • KimberlyDi

    You sound just like my mother ref: shopping. She practically padlocked me into a changing booth constantly throwing new clothes over the door for me to try on.

  • alala

    we do some internet shopping, in fact we have some shoes on order right now. But that hasn’t really worked out as well as, like kimberlydi says, locking them in a dressing room and not letting them out until everything’s been tried on. Later I’ll be zipping back and forth, finding clothes and flinging them over the changing-room door, but I can’t do that now. At this age, if I turn my back on the boys, they’ll escape.

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