Network Neutrality

Ummm, yeah. I generally try not to tell people what to do or think (and it’s even harder than you imagine, because I’m really bossy) but um, I’m about to. Because if you use the internet, and you want to decide which sites you visit, instead of letting AT&T or Verizon decide for you? You probably want to give your senators and representatives a call or an email or something. Mine don’t seem to be supporting it, and I’ll be writing to ask them why tomorrow. There’s also a petition you can sign over here. If my explanation wasn’t comprehensive enough, and you need more of a reason than Because I Said So, there’s a Network Neutrality primer here, though that’s a bit wordy. You might prefer to Ask a Ninja! He breaks it down fairly well.

But seriously, folks. If you’re American, and you’re here reading this, then this issue probably affects you, and there’s a lot of money on the other side of it, so your voice counts.


2 responses to “Network Neutrality

  • ~d (tilde)

    wow. I guess we both woke up on the serious side.

  • ~d (tilde)

    ( blushing, one leg kinda kicked out behind the other, eyes averted )
    No, I didn’t know you loved my blog. Geez. I LOVE YOUR blog. There are about 6 I LOVE and about 12 I like…and I don’t know. Thank you. I do this via a hand written journal. I still will do that too. But I have this passion for being able to point out to the boys when they are older, or maybe to myself that I was an alright person. That I did OK by my husband and kids, you know? Some sort of self-stamp of approval. ( at least I didn’t say SEAL of approval. Too many RHPS memories )
    BTW: I just wrote MY US Senators. About t1j’s Kindergarten teacher. Praise! I wrote her, her principle, the Superintendent and the 2 Senators. Yay. Perhaps i will delete names and post that in a dy or two. I think I am going to ride the Hurricane a bit…be well, the door is always open, come on in !
    ( song du jour? )
    Here I am, Rock You Like A Hurricane, by The Scorpians (haha! )

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