Daily Archives: 13 May 2006


Fridays you get nothin’, usually, because I have to get up early and go work in the city and don’t usually get back till late. But here are my (very cool!) interview questions from ~d and their answers.

1. Which character do you most identify with in the movie The Princess Bride and why?
Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. I just love that he planned that speech for twenty years and then when he finally got his chance to say it, he said it like fifty times. That was so cool. I use it in place of “Hello World” in scripts. I love how down-to-earth he is: “There’s not a lot of money in revenge.” And even though I never got around to learning how to wave a sword around, I still want to, and he’s why. Such a gentleman. Such grace. Such style. I wonder if I could get an outfit like that…

2. Where did you first hear Tom Waits and what memories are connected with that time of your life?
I was dating a real asshole, named Keith. Kelly probably remembers him. It was toward the end of our relationship when I wandered over to his house for some reason and Please Call Me, Baby was playing in another room. I didn’t ask at the time, but I searched high and low for the song thereafter, and couldn’t find it. This was before the internet, if you can believe it, around 1990. I finally swallowed my irritated pride and called Keith (from the phone hanging outside of Kelly’s dorm, that you were only supposed to use to call a resident to get them to come down and let you in, but I used it for pretty much all my telephoning needs) to find out who and what that music was, and as soon as he told me I hung up on him. I think that was the last time I ever called him, actually.

3. You like R.E.M. Do you like Natalie Merchant? Were she and Michael Stipe ever involved? Name two R.E.M. songs that come to mind.
a. yes I do, she has a lovely voice.
b. St. Google says they were.
c. Fall On Me is my favorite. What’s the Frequency, Kenneth is my second favorite. At the moment.

4. Have you seen the movie Pecker? Do you know what Full of Grace means? If no, then what was the first ‘rated R’ movie you remember seeing?
Nope, never saw it, sorry. Full of Grace makes me think of the Sarah MacLachlan song. First R-rated movie…um, was Gremlins R-rated?

5. There was a saying “your mama wears combat boots” How would this apply to you, your life both past and present?
I’m that mama. I’ve lightened up considerably and my latest pair of Doc Martens is red, but I’ve been a Sensible (meaning, “I can kick your ass in these”) Shoes kinda gal all my life. Cowboy rain-boots notwithstanding.

And a follow-up on the Sniglet spitting blood after I brushed his teeth: yeah, it looked pretty horrible, but it turns out (following one panicked call to the dentist) that his six-year molars are coming in, that’s all. A freakish event for me, because Ignatz got his with zero fanfare. At some point he mentioned that he already had them, and that was the first I knew of it.