Daily Archives: 7 May 2006

just this

Nothing to report except for a day of perfect weather, so here’s a filler-anecdote.

Disclaimer: I do not laugh at people who make mistakes in a foreign language. Living in another language is really hard, and anyone brave enough to try it gets an A for effort. But languages are tricksy, mistakes will get made, and while I don’t laugh at the people who make them, the mistakes themselves are occasionally entertaining.

So the main train station in Munich has a Burger King. Since it’s in a travel hub, it gets a lot of foreign customers. Once when I was there with Ignatz, I heard a young American guy order a Whopper “mit zunehmen”. Yeah, prepositions are a bitch. What he wanted was “zum mitnehmen” – to take with. What he said he wanted was a Whopper with weight gain. Haw.

Song du jour of the day: the Pogues’ Bottle of Smoke. The song that taught my four-year-old to say “Twenty-fucking-five to one, me gambling days are done…”