Daily Archives: 5 May 2006

MEME-ries, like the corners of my house…

Okay, but after this I really am going to do my homework. Really.

I am the luckiest person ever, anywhere.
I want eveyone to be happy.
I wish I could fix cars.
I hate self-righteousness.
I fear that I may be self-righteous.
I hear the Jesus and Mary Chain, at the moment.
I wonder about everything.
I am not sure about this meme.
I dance in the kitchen. All the time.
I cry when the hormones hit, even if there is nothing to cry about. Yay for PMS!
I am not always complaining, it just seems like it.
I make with my hands sweaters and hats.
I write too fast, sloppily.
I confuse people with my sense of humor.
I need reminding.
I start waaaaay more things than I finish
I finish …uh, let me get back to you on that…
I tag you, Lurky McLurken! That’s whatcha get for reading my blog and not commenting, hah!

Song du Jour of the Day is Aretha Franklin: Are You Sure?