speaking of duh…

I went to put more milk in my coffee just now, but the fake-orange-juice carton looks so similar to the milk carton that I… yes. I did. I put orange-juice-drink in my coffee. Not even real orange juice, which would be equally gross but somehow… healthier… when I poured it down the drain… um. Okay, not sure where I was going with that.

On one hand, I probably shouldn’t be drinking coffee at 10 pm anyway? On the other hand, I think this incident clearly shows that I need it.

Song du jour of the day is from They Might Be Giants: Dinner Bell.


4 responses to “speaking of duh…

  • ~d (tilde)

    I put OJ on my ceral as a kid intentionally. To ‘gross out’ my friends. It worked. I think it was Rice Krispies. ( you are 7 hours ahead of me? ) I visited Scotland and was 6 hours ahead of me…so, are you 1 hour ahead of Scotland? Heh heh heh. If its late, and you have no coffee then this may be barely comprehendable to you. ( how long has there been a wheelchair next to the word verification thingy? )

  • cmhl

    did you ever get to SLEEP, after drinking coffee so late??

  • alala

    Well, as I didn’t actually get to DRINK the coffee… yes.

  • Kelly


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