So how’d it go?

Okay, the word for the day is scalable. That means that the lessons I plan should still work okay even if only two students show up. Use it in a sentence: Today’s lesson was not scalable.

Yeah. Two students.

Okay okay okay, Two were out sick, and it is Easter vacation, and one is unable to make Wednesdays. We are negotiating to move it to Tuesdays.

Song du jour? Oh, I don’t know, something e-e-evilll…


2 responses to “So how’d it go?

  • ~d (tilde)

    how abt Intorpol’s Evil…or there is always Sisters Of Mercy This Corrosion…
    I saw you were tagged…HAHAHA !!

  • alala

    I have Evil on my list. Unfortunately, my copy of This Corrosion, along with most of my really good evil music, is still on tape.

    Yes, I was tagged, and because you laughed, you’re next.

    How evil is THAT! Muahahaha…

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