Rockin’ good news

So my friend Melanie (who has like a million degrees and certificates in Dealing With Kids Who Have Trouble Behaving) read that post about Ignatz suddenly recovering from an eleven-year ADD jag, and emailed me this:

So, I have a theory. He’s 12? 11? Fascinating brain stuff usually happens at that age, including an increased ability to process info (more info at once and faster) AND an increased ability to screen out extraneous crap and focus on what you need to think about. Perhaps the balance just tipped, ie. his brain development caught up with his attention problems. You know all this already, but it was on my mind. Wondering also if he ever came up with an explanation for the change, if so what? I will be really surprised if he could explain it, but if he could – how fascinating!

No, he couldn’t explain it, but even so, how totally does that theory WOCK? So that’s the one I’ve decided to go with, because that would mean it’s a permanent change, which woot!

Also, I’m teaching again tonight. Someday that thought won’t make me panic, right? Please?

Oh, song (virus) du jour of the day: Stay, by Lisa Loeb.


8 responses to “Rockin’ good news

  • Kelly

    Okay, complete girly moment- I SO want to cut my hair like hers!

  • Kelly

    I mean Lisa Loeb (duh!)

  • alala

    I think you should. I was going to say “I will if you will”, but then I went and looked at it, and my hair would never do that. Yours would, though.

  • James

    I left her a birthday shoutout!

  • vicki

    well, it’s never a good idea to look a gift horse, um, child in the mouth. Second- I think Melanie is right to the extent that children go through growth spurts where things don’t all mature at the same pace. Remember when he was little and he would spend a while on gross motor and another time he would be working on fine motor tasks and then for a while he would be trying to use more language? Like that. And that happens more or less during different developmental periods, like toddlerhood, early adolescence, etc. And I certainly wouldn’t fix something (with medication) if it ain’t broke. Relax, enjoy! Soon enough,he’ll enter a different phase…

  • alala

    Thank you James!

    @Theresa: Oh, I know. We already know he’s going to be the Teenager From Hell because he’s a total know-it-all. (Also because we were both Teenagers From Hell.) We’re just trying to brace ourselves, and enjoy this bit of peace for as long as it lasts.

  • ~d (tilde)

    I have some friends in town for a convention called Convergence…I was telling them that if t2b was born first…he’d be an only child…and them THEY told ME! t2b is a little ~d…( damn them ! )
    But they did tighten up my comp-so with the help of Firefox, hopefully I wont be having these long (elaspses? ).

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    […] but remember we decided to try it in April of 2006, but around about then Ignatz went through a really good spell where he was less distractible and forgetful and difficult, and it seemed like the wrong time to […]

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