boring. sorry.

Well, today would be the day where I restore perspective on the whole English class thing, and point out that I didn’t get hit by a bus so it could be worse and all that. But I’m still feeling crappy so instead I’m doing my infuriating homework.

A major part of our parenting philosophy when the boys were babies was “He’s crying anyway”. Which means that when they had tantrums we’d take the opportunity to do some hated but necessary task like toothbrushing, hair washing, nail clipping, or whatever, because why ruin a good mood? Pretty clever, huh? And that’s not even one of the Top Ten reasons we are rotten parents, it’s probably down around number 16. Anyway, taking off my Hypocrite Mama hat today to apply the same philosophy to myself: as long as I feel like hell anyway, I might as well get one useful thing…um, a little closer to done.

And that’s about all. Ho-hum.

Song du jour of the day: R.E.M. What’s the Frequency Kenneth?


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