Daily Archives: 27 March 2006

On the mend

Well, finally! I am by no means back to normal, but I’m on the way. I can swallow, yawn, and even cough without crying. When I sit still for awhile, I feel almost normal. So, for instance, if I need something upstairs I’ll leap out of my chair and scamper up the stairs in my usual way, but halfway up I’m like remember that Bugs Bunny cartoon, where he tunnels to the Sahara, but he thinks he’s at some beach, so he leaps out and runs, yelling Yahoo! Whoopee! etc, and then he’s staggering along with his tongue hanging to his knees, gasping Yahoo! *gasp*wheeze* Yippee! *wheeze*choke*? Yeah. I’m like that.

Still. It’s better than it was. The last six days I’ve been hearing the phone ring and groaning because I knew I’d never get to it before the caller gave up. The phone is like ten feet from my desk.

Also, remember this charming entry about the um, metal band that will be representing Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest? Right, well, I forgot to give you the link for their website, how terribly remiss of me. Better yet, if you go back to the Eurovision site I told you about before, and click on “Multimedia Lounge”, and then choose the “Video” option, up pops a list of 2006 Participants. Click on Finland – you can see Lordi’s video! Then, you can see the German entry (Have a basin handy)! Then you will understand why I want Finland to win, and maybe, instead of a trophy, they’ll get to eat the Germans. The pink fuzzy bolero alone is enough of a reason to want to see the German singer’s head on a pike.

EDIT: Oh! Right! The song du jour of the day! Well of course it would have to be Hard Rock Hallelujah, by Lordi! I mean, it’s the Arockalypse! Also, the Day of Rockening!

Another edit: An easier way to see the Lordi video: click here.