oh wait….new information…

Actually, they do have a baby, they just hadn’t told me yet. Born Thursday evening. I work for the dad, and he was going to tell me at work yesterday, but of course I called in sick. So he called this morning to give me the news, because I’d already told the mom I’d want to visit her in the hospital, but of course now I’m sick. So I can’t. Dang.

And, after all my talk against froofroo baby sweaters, and after I made them a nice manly dark-green-and-white sweater for their new human, they went and had a girl! So unfair. Well, at least I can finally knit girl-things. Actually, maybe I should take Amber up on her offer. They’re moving to Scotland. It’ll be cold…


One response to “oh wait….new information…

  • Amberhttp://www.amberbamberboo.com

    Oh please do take me up on my offer… any time, no, really, feel free – I promise I wouldn’t mind; honest!


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