Skip if you don’t knit.

No, not like the “honk if you love Jesus” thing, though if you want to skip, I won’t try to stop you. I mean, do not bother to read this entry if you are not a knitter, as it will be boring and make no sense to you.

The sweater I mentioned in the March 11 entry is long-done and delivered. The baby, not yet. Poor Gabriele. Anyway, I documented the process and have finally scraped together a page with instructions. It’s a modification of the ubiquitous five-hour baby sweater, and I’m actually surprised at how cute it turned out to be.

I put the pattern up on my free webhost, and it did something weird with the formatting, and I’m too tired now to try and fix it. I Hope you can read it anyway. My first-ever published knitting pattern!

5-hour baby sweater


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