Daily Archives: 20 March 2006

This and that. And a hat.

The work I didn’t want to do a few entries ago is still getting done. It’s a web site update, so lots of tedious little fiddly-things, which means that I’m too busy to blog and also have nothing of interest to blog about.

I’ve also rediscovered knitting, so I’ll post the pattern for a baby sweater I just made, as soon as I get it looking nice. The pattern, not the sweater. The sweater already looks fine.

I also made a hat, with some scrap yarn. The pattern said size 13 needles and size giganta-huge-a-mongous yarn, and I used size 8s and regular yarn, so it turned out to be a baby hat. A really, really warm baby hat. Um, does anybody have a cold baby? Because I don’t really have anyone to put this hat on.

Yesterday evening I finally remembered to call my future students and tell them I’ll start up the conversation class on April 5th, and also call the woman who’s in charge of the space we’ll be using at the Women’s Center. Evenings are usually the best time to catch people at home, but evenings are really busy for us, so I kept forgetting to call. I thought it was Freudian forgetting, you know, that I was so wigged out by the prospect of teaching that my forgetfulness was sort of subconsciously intentional. But when I finally did remember, I made the calls without any wittering or excuses or out-wimping, so I must have a pretty good grip on my fear after all. That’s good.

Song du jour of the day. The Hippopotamus Song, by John Lithgow. Yes, really. I bought the CD for my kids, but I like it way more than they do.

I like this a lot