Oh, heavens

Well, Mir said something about Blogging for Books, which I have never heard of before, so I followed the link here, only to find that it is Sadly Endangered! This must not be, I thought to myself. I, indifferent-yet-inconsistent writer that I am, will step in and add my voice and Save (but probably never win, which is actually fine with me, as I don’t have a lot of pride invested in my writing ability) this noble contest. Then I found out what this month’s topic is: the Military.

Okay, that is one topic that I know NOTHING about. Seriously. I have a few opinions, of the bumper-sticker variety, but basically I’m just a big ol’ sack o’ clueless.

But you do (Kelly)! I bet some of you (Kelly) have military or ex-military family members (Kelly). Some of you (Kelly) may even have grown up on various military bases around the world (Kelly)! What a wealth of experience you would bring! Also, I’ll try to come up with something this week, but it’ll hafta suck since Joshilyn totally ganked my idea about the Trojan Horse. (Okay no, she didn’t really).

[Edit: This Just In! I found out over here that you can link to an old post. So I may just post a link to one I wrote a few months ago, if I’m feeling, you know (gotta call my students and set up the English class, gotta meet with the tax guy next week, set Ignatz up with Track&Field and the chess group, sign up for the next course in my web-tech-cert program, take those jeans out to the seamstress for repair, oh shizzle I forgot to pick up the dry-cleaning today, gotta put in some work on the alala.de site before Kel gets justifiably snippy about having to do it all by herself, find out about small business and freelancing laws here in Germany and how the alala.de project will affect my tax status, both here and in the States, need to get to Ikea soon) lazy.]

In music news, ~d is totally my hero! Because she pointed me to Pandora, which I am loving. So my song du jour of the day is ALL OF THEM! Okay, no, I’ll think of something. Um, If You Love Me, by Van Morrison and BB King. I was listening to that tonight while I cleaned the kitchen. Sorry for all the Moldy Oldies, I haven’t gotten any new music since the Arctic Monkeys and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, which was – egad – two whole weeks ago!


4 responses to “Oh, heavens

  • ~d (tilde)

    ( I will comment on other stuff in a moment: is Clap Your Hands the name of a group?

    Try: Bloc Party, Raindog says specifically:
    Helicopters and Banquet

  • ~d (tilde)

    P.S. your ‘Kelly’ and my ‘Jules’ are trying to give away our real identities, darn it!
    My name has one extra letter than yours…

  • landismom

    Oh, I really liked Blogging for Books when it was hosted by the Zero Boss, but then I lost track of it. I never won, though.

  • Kelly

    Okay, the military. Um…

    Well, as a dependent, I can say the travelling all over the world was great- really great. The concrete brick painted antiseptic green housing? Not so great. The hours my dad had to work? Terrible. The fact that my mom had to raise two children almost single-handedly, sometimes in foreign countries? Well, its a testament to her that we survived and have done fine.

    I do think that the military and my mom saved my dad- he would have been a VERY different person without them- and that would not be a good thing. More should be done for military people- navigating health care, education, finances, etc should all be made much easier that it is (or at least was- its been a while since I lived at home or since my dad was in the military).

    As a person in general, I have some opinions, which I’m sure are somewhat conflicting:

    1. If you join the National Guard, Army, Navy, whatever, and we go to war, you CANNOT suddenly decide to become a peacnik. You signed up. You made a commitment. Suck it up.
    2. Women should be allowed to do whatever they damn well please in the military- if they want combat- train them for it, then put them in it.
    3. Military recruiters should not be allowed to harass teenagers at school, and there should be nothing linked to federal funding of schools that requires that those schools allow recruiters access in any way to students.
    4. I know a lot of people don’t like the “dont ask, don’t tell” policy. But I have thought a lot about this- and I dare you to find a better solution. If you do- please let us all know what it is.

    Okay, I’m done. Though I might think of more later.


    P.S. alala- did I give away your secret identity? Do you even have one? Is there a cape involved?

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